Subrang Arts is a Registered Charity, a Not for Profit voluntary organisation dedicated to the promotion and development of Asian Art and Culture. ‘Subrang’ means spectrum of colour and it represents the rich cultural heritage of the Indian Sub Continent. One of our objectives is to foster an appreciation and understanding of the rich and diverse heritage that originates from the Sub-Continent, and to help in maintaining its identity in a multicultural society .

We believe that education and entertainment can be combined and to achieve this objective, we organise numerous cultural programmes, exhibitions, heritage projects, music concerts, talks, lectures and demonstrations. We actively engage young people in our activities with a view to develop them holistically. The positive influence on our youth by the virtue of their immersion into our activities has exposed them to people with qualities of selfless voluntary work, exceptional management, organisational and creative skills, Knowledge of our culture & heritage, Time management, Social skills, Mental-physical coordination, Understanding commitment, Confidence in public, Cooperation and team work.

Many of our productions have helped raise funds for various charities like Better Lives Foundation (for Ebola victims of West Africa), Care Education Trust (Education projects in India), Lions International (famine victims of Africa), SEWA International (SEWA projects in England and India).


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Lata Desai

Landline : +0044 8763 8216
Mobile    : +0044 749 527 9503

Harsha Amin

Landline : +0044 8405 4325
Mobile    : +0044 785 714 1727