Enjoy the highlights of the South Asian Heritage Month Festival

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

at SOAS featured on Zee TV

Subrang Arts was delighted to showcase Gujarati heritage arts, music and dance through the lens of migration and journeys at the SOAS SOUTH ASIAN HERITAGE MONTH Festival which was co-directed by Dr Sanjukta Ghosh (SOAS South Asia Institute) and Farzana Qureshi (SOAS Library; supported by the Students Union, SOAS Library, SOAS Research and Enterprise.

SOAS’s Wolfson Gallery inside the library hosted an exhibition on ‘Narratives of Refugee Memories’ curated by Dr Sanjukta Ghosh (SOAS South Asia Institute). ‘Unlocking SOAS Collections’, the exhibits provided the creative lens to look again at the archives of Partition in 1947 and the post-Partition settlement history of displaced people of South Asia and beyond.

Also featuring the British Ugandan Asian @ 50 exhibition commemorating the 50th Anniversary of their expulsion by General Idi Amin.


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